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  • So... First Hello this my first post. I have to make a "mini game" for game design school and I want to make a Chuchu Rocket kind of game.

    After working on it for some time I find myself Stuck. I read most topic of the FAQ on grid movements but I didn't find something that I can use or understand how to readapt.

    What I want to do: My enemies move in a straight line following a grid, when they meet a Wall they turn left or right(random) still following the grid and continue on their path until the next wall...etc

    But the only few tutorials that I can find concerning AI with grid movement has random directions not depending on walls and whatever I try because I don't even understand it, I can't seem to readapt it to make the AI turn only when metting a wall while still staying in a grid.

    I also I'm in search of how to put my "arrows"( which will guide my AI in a particular direction) in a tile and not between tiles if I click between tiles.

    Could someone help me please ? My .capx is joined to the post

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hm...

    I think you can make something with pathfinder...

    Oh, have an Idea!

    Make an invisible sprite that's the user controlling with the platform behavior and let the visible player sprite

    pathfind the io and simulate some jump if the ISy > VSy...

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  • Mmhh I didn't understood a word of what you said xD I'm quite a noob (I started using construct just yesterday). I think I found a workaround for my AI but I still stuck for placing an arrow in a tile. I thought I could do something like every tile is a arrow spawn and the nearest spawn from my mouse is where the arrow appear. But I can't find something like that.... So any ideas ?

    I would really love some help !

  • So... Still fuzzy about all the AI grid movement buisness, I foudn a temporary solution but I could really use some help.

    Also I found something that makes my arrows be put in a grid but it snaps to the intersection of the grid and not in the grid itself. Do I have to move everthing so it snaps to the grid and have my own grid not place on the softwares grid or is there a way to make it snap to the middle of the grid and not it's edges ?

    Thank you for your answers !

  • Hi Kiyki it seems you have two separate problems:

    1) how to build the game you want

    2) learn how to use the range of features available in Construct 2

    I reckon you should focus on the second problem first, perhaps making some smaller simple games that contain just one or two of the features you need for your main goal.

    Once you've built a little more experience you should find your goal much easier.

    It might also open your eyes to some other things you could do within your main game - or beyond.

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