How to have AI attach Hero with Pathfinding

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  • Hi Guys,

    So...for another zombie type of game...

    how could i have AI go about following the character continuously until the player is protected by walls, lets say the ai is no longer able to find a path. If it breaks down a wall all zombies would go for the entrance? if the wall is rebuilt they go back to attacking the wall.

    I've used litetween to continously follow the player which works great but would like the ability to have them flood the opening.


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  • You can use the pathfinding behaviour to have them path to a wall if it exists, if it doesn't exist then path to the enemy. Depending on the genre of game you could also use line of sight to the player and if they cannot see the player because the wall is there as a solid obstacle, you can have them look for line of sight of the wall and move towards it, then the player once it is destroyed.

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