How do I Affect Z ordering based on Y position?

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  • Hi, Im struggling with a problem that I'd be very grateful for help with.

    In my game flowers (one object) appear at random places within a set area, I am trying to make it so that when a new instance is created it detects if there will be an overlap with an instance of that object that has already been created, check its y-position and then if the new instance has a greater or equal y-position it'll move the new instance to the top in the z order.

    I hope that makes sense?

    Effectively I am looking to make it so that when a new instance of an object is spawned it'll place it either in front of or behind previous instances based on how high up tghe screen they are - giving a sense of depth.

    Everything I've tried so far hasnt worked as Im dealing with instances of the same objects (I can do it if its sorting between different objects!)


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  • I think I actually just got it (or a crude version at least!)

    On create> add sprite.Y to YInstanceVar

    On Sprite overlap + Pick High/Low instance variable > pick Highest from YInstanceVar > Move to Top Layer

    It kinda works

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