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  • Hi everyone,

    So I'm running into a frustrating issue with my Sprite Font. In preview and on my Iphone6 Plus it looks absolutely perfect. Unfortunately on devices with smaller screens there are odd little lines showing up all over it as if the letters are somehow clipping into each others boxes before they get split up! Has anyone else seen this behavior and does anyone have any advice on getting rid of it?

    I've attached a picture example below to show you what I mean. I've put red rings around a few of the artifacts to be totally clear.

  • Take a look at this: ... ere/page-3

    Maybe what you need is adjust the width manually for each conflicted letter.

  • Thanks for the suggestion but practically all of my letters are already manually adjusted. Plus this issue doesn't appear on my larger screen device - only on the smaller one. It must be something to do with the scaling then, but I'm stuck beyond that...

  • Any clues on this? I've spent a few hours on it now and it's driving me nuts!

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  • Are you scaling it? I had issues with lines when I was re-scaling sprite fonts (mostly down).

  • Yes it is being scaled, buy 0.8 on all devices. I just don't get why on the larger device its absolutely fine and on the smaller device it looks awful.

    Did you find a way to resolve it?

  • Each letter is basically a tile from a single image, right? Scaling it down might be messing with the borders of those tiles to make surrounding letters sort of bleed over at lower resolutions because the pixels don't line up. Ideally you'd want to just make a slightly smaller version of the font so you don't need to scale it, but if that's not an option it might help to add a few more empty pixels between each letter.

  • Yeah I figured that could be the problem, but I don't get why it's not an issue on the larger device!

    Surely it's being scaled just as much on the larger one as the smaller one, yet one is perfect at all scales and the other looks awful at all scales.

    There is a way of detecting screen sizes isn't there... perhaps I can detect the screen size and use a smaller pre-scaled font when that's true... urgh

  • I had to have our artist redraw all of the Sprite Fonts to size. It was annoying, and I bugged it with Ashely, but idk what he can do about it.

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