Advice on movement in platform game with physics.

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  • Hi guys, I could really use some advice on character movement for a platform game I'm making.

    The idea is to implement physics behaviour to certain interactive objects.

    Think of rolling boulders and dragging boxes, a bit similar to Limbo.

    Now since Physics and Platform behaviour don't mix very well, I'm having some trouble finding a good way to create smooth character movement.

    So far I've tried to do the movement and interaction in 3 different ways. As can be seen in the following .capx files.

    Method 1 (click for .capx file):

    Platform behaviour on the character with manually added force/impulses/torque on objects by using the on collision/on overlapping conditions.

    Method 2 (click for .capx file):

    Physics controlled movement. Character moves by force and jumps by impulse.

    Method 3 (click for .capx file):

    The character has platform behaviour and gets replaced by a physics controlled character on collision/overlap with an interactive object.

    However, each of these 3 methods have some issues, mainly the following:

    Method 1:

    The character sticks to almost vertical walls.

    The interaction with objects is limited and somewhat unrealistic, giving the character a stuttering movement.

    Method 2:

    The character gets airborne when he moves over a ramp. I would like it to stick to the floor unless the jump button is used. I would like the movement to be very similar to platform behaviour.

    Method 3: Like in the first method, the character pushes an object with stuttering movement. Also the character starts moving in a strange way whenever he is on top of an interactive object, this is probably because of how I made the event sheet, but I can't seem to fix it.

    I would really like some advice here, it's my first time using construct.

    Which method do you guys think is the best for a platform game with physics? And how would I set it up to avoid the problems I have in these examples?

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  • I would also like to know the answer to exactly this.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to which method is best, and how to iron out the problems with each?

    I've tried all of them, but haven't been able to get round the problems - especially with the physics one (no.2)

  • So my game Orbit is a platformer made entirely out of physics, I think it works quite well but have spent a loooong time getting it to a place I'm happy with. I've made you a video showing what it looks like with a few physics objects in the scene: - please don't share this everything is WIP.

    Also here's a very old video of it

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    - the game feels much better than this now, but it shows some ramps.

    I've found that using physics makes the game a lot more dynamic, my world is very reactive because of it. Yes you do have less control and it is less precise but with some work you get get to it a point where it's really fun to just round around, my inspiration here has been trying to get somewhere between Knytt and Mario.

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