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  • Hey All,

    I'm currently studying a course and our college uses the free version of construct 2 (Go figure!)

    We were tasked with designing a game from scratch and i'm still new to this!

    Probably, naively, while most my classmates decided to make a side-scrolling shooter, I decided to make something really different. It's a climbing game where the player needs to reach the top before the time runs out.

    I've added a link to the project but so far, I've created the body movement (You only see his top half) and use WASD for the left hand and the arrow keys for his right.

    The idea is, the player moves his hands to blocks. Once both hands are locked the screen moves up and the hands are released. I'm really pleased with the progress but I'd love someone to take a look and come back with any suggestions / recommendations as i'm hitting a block with the upward movement and figuring out how to keep adding blocks etc.

    Sorry for the long winded post but I want you to understand i'm not just uploading my file and expecting someone to fix it. Just some advice to a beginner please!


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  • Looks like a nice effort! Unfortunately because the only objective is to grab the pink squares, there is not much open in the way of changing gameplay. I imagine you would just spawn another 2 pink squares and grab those, a relaxing game in the end but nothing challenging. Then the pink squares move with the background and another set form on a random (x,y) within certain grabbable limits. I guess the speed at which you grab the pink squares could be a time based game. You could add a mechanic where if you grab the pink square too quickly then you 'slip' off it and have to grab it again. You could also add something where you need to grab either the L or R first or you fail, that would keep the player focused.

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