How to make Advanced trail effect ?

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  • Hello,

    I have been through a lot of struggle and I found myself nowhere near the end. I want to make performance wise trail effect for multiple (about 10-30) objects, without discontinuous appearance, especially with thin lines. And with slow fading.

    Something like

    I tried lot of approaches, and the most simmilar effect can be created with help of canvas plugin through draw line (which is awesome btw). Unfortunately canvas plugin is little performance intensive and when I tried to make lot of trails, I didnt get it quite right and performance impact on my 4-quad machine was unpleasantly high.

    Recreating sprite over and over again with fading isnt good idea either, if the object moves too quickly trail will appear dotted or with unwanted spaces between sprites.

    I hope someone of you guys can help me, thx in advance for responses.

    Here is what I was able to do (yeah it isnt much) :

  • You could just do it with a particle effect. You'll need to adjust the rate to get the best look/performance.

  • Thanks for the example TheWyrm - I was looking at doing this soon.

  • I used this method a fellow moderator called linkman2004 told me about.


    Check out this Thread for more stuff

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  • Thank you everyone for your responses, and especially thank you Wisdoms! Thats exactly what I need, it can be tweaked a lot too. It also works if you want to make trails small, which is great So another challenge, I want to make it appear on multiple objects, I didnt have the time, but Im going to try !

  • So after lot of effort I failed to make multiple trails. Do anybody have an idea how to do that correctly? If there is only one trail, it works ok, but, if there is more than one, it doesnt work as intended (wrong angle of spawned sprite trail - on second rocket, not destroying the correct emmiter and more). I wanted to have less sprites, so I used longer sprites with less resolution (target was about 10 trail sprites for 1 rocket).

    Here is a capx what I have done so far (not much I know).

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