How do I make an advanced save system

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  • I want to make an advanced save system, I have 3 saves using the "save game to slot" and "load game from slot" commands, now what I want to do is I want my game to save those save files + a few text items to a real file wich then will be stored as a cookie on the visiters computer (My game is not yet on a site tho)

    Anybody who knows how I would be able to do this?

    Also I want it that it will also know all the saved stuff when nothing has been played yet, so the original stuff. So that you only play from your load when you actually have pushed on the load button.

    Any help will be really apreciated.

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  • You have to do the cookie manipulation on the web server.

    For instance, I manipulate the cookies on the browser using Tomcat/Java, but I am sure you can do the same with PHP/Python.

    Or you can try using this COOKIE plugin?

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