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  • Up until now most of the projects I have worked on have been small projects which real end goal is to learn more about Construct. So most projects have been laid out on the layout screen. With pondering more advanced projects I have been searching and brainstorming other ways. I have seen references to each level stored in xml or json files. I have thought about multiplayer games connecting to mySQL tables. And of course don't leave out all of the convenient events Construct contains.

    So for those of you that have made either large layout games or advanced projects, where you do not simply put everything on the layout screen, what have you found works for your.

    Give advice on simple things from creating enemies - every x seconds, when character passes X, distance close to x, y, etc. - to advanced methods such as storing whole levels in xml files. All comments appreciated.

  • Just use multiple layouts. No need to deal with xml or databases.

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  • Just use multiple layouts. No need to deal with xml or databases.

    I've used xml before and enjoyed it since as I'm using web browser I can edit it without having to export and upload each time.

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