How do I advanced player animations

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  • Hello everyone Im new and willing to learn construct 2. I created a character PARTS which are (head, body, leftarm, rightarm, legs). As shown bellow:

    I was wondering how to attach the parts the best way? just by pinning them together? or there are other ways, what are they?

    Also how to make when you collect the items (for example:hat) place it on his head but with out making another sprite (hat) and pinning it to the player head image point when you right click it. But just changing the image of his full head?

    But then if you pick up a coat, what do I need to do? as his hands are separated from his body I'll have to change the 2 arms images and the body to the color of the coat? or there is a better way of doing it?

    Thank you for any help!

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  • You could pin the arms on but, I think you should use spriter to create the animations. Then I would create different color animations that you could switch between for the changing coat colors.

  • Download the capx and you will see the easy way to do it and keep the legs arms body head having a natural shake on movement its easy Download capx

  • Okey, Ill check it out when I'm back home! Thank you!

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