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  • Ok I looked at the tutorials on all of these to no avail

    1: how do you remove revolute joints? I want my rider to fly off of his hover bike but I dont see a remove revolute joint event

    is this something I need to buy standard C2 to get?

    2: real car physics ( top down view):

    Ok I dont get the point of the car driving behavior, it is not realistic, you run in to walls and just bounce off,

    So i tried adding some physics and when I run into things I just sort of start spinning endlessly, there doesnt seem to be a way to apply friction ( in a top down sense)

    ie as if driving on a road

    3: Stopping rotate velocity gradually:

    I checked on several physics based tutorials and nothing went over things ( this applies again to my hover vehicle)

    I set degrees 4 to (0 rotation) as well as angular dampening so my hover bike stabalizes and evens out when you are hovering up, but it doesnt get rid of its current rotating velocity, when I stop, when I stop hovering it goes back into it spin

    ( its ok if it rotates ) but I dont want it to start spiralling out of control, especially after I hover it to stabalize to a certain rotation

    hope that made sense,

    in in other words I want to slow down my spinning velocity, and keep it that way, simply changing my rotation to a certain point doesnt work

    4: What happend to my scrolling?, no its not parallax, but for some reason I must of accidently hit something and now my objects dont scroll all the way( so if my object is at the bottom of the screen I can no longer see it)

    I set it to scroll out of bounds etc, its very frustrating =/ it was working, and now its not

    5: Looked at all the tutorials on this, and the manual, I didnt see anything on it, basically I was trying to make a line of site check, I spawn a line of site object, have it rotate to the target, then in another action have the line of site object test for a collision test

    on the walls, so far so good, but how do I have the line of site tell the specific enemy lineofsite = true, I tried several ways to have the line of site target its own specific checker as there are multiple enemies checking a line of site, I tried having the line of site change variable of the checkers unique ID, to target its variable to say line of site = true

    hope that made sense,

    Sorry to bombard the forum with question, but I didnt see these in the tuts anywhere.

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  • 1. There is no action for it. Destroying one of the objects would destroy the joint. One idea that may work is to destroy and recreate an object and then recreate non-broken joints. It's just an idea, I haven't tested to see if it would work.

    2. I haven't used that behavior that much. A more realistic motion could probably be done with the physics behavior. How? A google search of "2d racing physics" result in some approaches that could be adapted to Construct. Also you could look at the "Your Creations" section and see if anyone else has come up with a good solution.

    3. Try this:

    Set Physics angular velocity to self.Physics.AngularVelocity*0.9

    Change 0.9 to a smaller number for faster damping.

    4. Try setting "Layout properties"->"Unbounded scrolling" to Yes.

    5. From this post here are two examples of how to do LOS:

  • Thanks il try those and get back to you :P

    on 5: I got a bunch of weird non related results when searching line of site, thanks ^_^

  • It's probably because it's spell "sight" and not "site", which indeed isn't related.

    You could also have had a look at the how do I FAQ where the links rojo gave you are also listed amongst many other useful things.

  • Thanks for replies

    3: thanks that helped a lot

    4: That didnt work at all, i deleted the project and started over, it was obviously corrupt =/

    5: thanks, those didnt however explain how to detect line of sight with (multiple) enemies ( one of them was for old construct), but I figured it out ^_^ and without families too 0.0

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