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  • Ok I have a specific problem with families. I have a Family test and into it there is a Sprite

    So I have also a variable for all objects from family,

    basic and easy, no? Then I create 3 instances from that family , in 2 instances I set 0 in its variable and the third I set a 1

    So far so good. The problem is complicated here, I need to when collides family test with family test

    Only are destroyed the instances, for example:

    test.Variable=1 with test.Variable=0, they are destroyed

    test.Variable=0 with test.Variable=1, they are destroyed

    but other hand if

    test.Variable=0 with test.Variable=0, they are not destroyed

    I have tried many things, but I don't sure if that is possible

    Thanks in advance

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  • The trick here is always to test against different objects. Either test Family against Sprite, or make a second duplicate family to test against.

  • Yea blackhornet and thanks for reply, that is my second option, but that doubt arose. I think that should be possible, ie, I can getting the IID for instance but I cant compare at same time 2 instances from same sprite when collides.

    Anyway thanks

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