How do I ... advanced data structure (not xml)

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  • I'm really in need of a flexible data object (3d array, boundless json, etc) but everything seems to be 1d for storage and variable options.

    Am I missing something? I am capable of making a plugin, but want to make sure I'm not spinning my wheels as I'd assume other people would have benefited by this in the past as well?

  • skelooth - I made these a while back. I don't officially support them but they work and I use them in my project. Your welcome to give them a try.



    Example Capx


    Preview of usage


    Storage = 3D Object

    Table = 2D Object

    List = 1D Object (Basically the same as a dictionary)

    They function like a normal Array/Hash table would in most programming languages. They support merging/loading raw JSON to them which is what you looking for. I provided a few example capx files that i work on to test them when i make an update to them. They should explain how to use it. Hopefully this helps

  • Without looking at the file, does it support the system save/load function as well?

    Thanks! Looks easy to use as well!

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  • skelooth - Sorry no I haven't put that in yet as my projects don't involve saving... but ill look at the API this week end and see whats involved... ill message you and let you know.

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