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  • Hello, I'm having difficulty trying to figure out a way to smoothly incorporate all these animations for simply moving around. It's supposed to be very similar to how characters move in super smash brothers.

    The character has animations for when he is facing right, and left. They are the same movements, but different views, so it can't be a simple flip or mirror. So he has a turn around animation for when facing right or left.

    Then he has a dash animation, an animation he does before the actual run animation starts, and when he stops, he has a brake animation. When he turns around while running, he needs to do a turn around animation and then run again. And if he runs and turns around but stops, that is also a separate animation.

    I've tried the platform behavior and experimented around but it hasn't been working well for me as I just don't know what events would be good for this.

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  • Hello! I am having difficulty in sending json data to a server.

    The server I am using is windows IIS server.

    I need help

    Thank you

  • Basilboy

    Platform can be the way to go in your case, but a lot of adaptation should be done for the controls. First of all, deactivate the default key mapping. You will then need to make a big event where you check on current inputs, current animation of the sprite, and change the animation according to inputs. Then, you can use the "simulate controls" action of the platform behavior to control the movement of your sprite.

    It can be a lot of work for lots of animations though... I would personally do multiple events like "If left key input -> if currentAnimation = left, simulate left, else play left animation", ...

    It all depends on how you want to map your controls then.


    Don't use other people thread for your own problems, create yours. That said, you need to give more infos. Construct 2 will send your datas without problem using the "AJAX" plugin, and the problem is most likely in how you use this plugin, or in your server.

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  • I have created MYSQL and PHP to send data over to mysql and both are workable.

    However, once I put it in my game using AJAX, it couldnt work.

    I am using localhost though.

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