Adobe Flash Sprite Sheet - All wrong?

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  • Hello CS2 People,

    I am making animations in Adobe Flash CS6 and exporting to sprite sheets. Everything is going great until I try to import this to Construct 2. I set my Sprite Sheet to Basic however when I add the PNG to CS2 everything is either cropped or pushed off stage. I understand that Flash exports these with JSON for example which has the position of each image. So, I assume CS2 every frame needs to be exactly positioned in a grid. for example if I load a PNG sequence it works. So I just need to figure out how to take my PNG sequence and then line it up perfectly in one PNG and without having to do this by hand lol.


    <img src="" border="0" />

  • ok, so I exported my PNG sequence which are 108x106 pngs into one stacked PNG sprite sheet with ( which is a handy free sprite sheet packer. Things work now.

  • Hey I'm doing the same as you. I do the design in Flash Professional CS6 and after that I export to C2. The same as you, my characters become crop. Then, with Flash, I choose to export as PNG sequence. With C2, I go "edit animations" and "import frames". After all this, I crop all the images and this is nice because reduce the size and mantain the origin point. This works for me, even if it's a longer procedure.

    I explain to you all this because I want to ask you something. I hope you know the answer.

    Do you know if with the way I do it I use more memory than with your way? I mean, when you import a sprite strip, finally you get the same amount of images in the editor than if you export every image. I'm a little bit confuse with this, because I read in some tutorials that's better to import sprite strips than single images.

    Otherwise, I will take a look to your link.


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  • Hello morgandalf, someone correct me if I am wrong. But I think its better to load one image compared to 50+ images. I believe you waste memory loading individual images compared to a sprite sheet. As wel l compress all my PNG's with In flash you can set your stage to "content" just try to get your PNG sequences as small/tight as possible. I would recommend using a sprite sheet if you have lots of frames. If you only have a few I doubt it would be that big of a deal. I also found that its better to make different sprite sheets for each animation rather than putting all of your animations on one PNG. I read if you dont your pre-loader will not behave properly.

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