How AdMob works?

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  • Hello guys! This might be a silly question but i don't know the answer tho.

    I see i can't view the ads just by previewing the game on C2. Is there a way to do so?

    Also, I aim to publish my game on mobile and computer plataforms, and i'd like to know if the monetisation system i set up ( AdMob banner and Interstitial) works no matter where the game is published? e.g. Play Store and Kongregate.

    Thanks already!

  • Hello omega6 =)

    So, AdMob does not support Web Games (games running in a Web Browser), only Mobile Games (games that you have to install in your mobile device in order to play).

    If you want to have Google Ads in your Web Game you should use Google AdSense for Games, it's has a JS API available for developers. However, keep in mind that to use G. AdSense you need a specific code provided by Google to you after you send it a request (through AdSense webpage).

    Kind Regards o/

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  • Thanks smacabra !

    I see i will need to use AdMob for the mobile app and AdSense to publish it on computer websites.

    Thanks for the information, it will be useful!

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