Admob using Monaca?

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  • Hi there!

    I've made a game in Construct 2 which I then converted to an apk using Monaca. I have uploaded the game to Google Play and it works fine except for one thing, I can't see the ads.

    Is it even possible to use Admob with Monaca? I have imported Cordova-plugin-ad-admob in Monaca and it says "Successfully imported".

    Thanks in advance

  • Same Problem... I've released my game on Play Store with Admob Test Mode "False" and exported through Intel XDK Ads are not showing! When Test Mode is "True" Ads are displaying but not displaying in "False" mode! Tried everything such as :

    • Used old version plugin of cordova-plugin-ad-admob not worked
    • Used AdMob Pro/Free both not working
    • Exported through Monaca/XDK/Phonegap/ no one worked
    • Used another plugins such as AdMob Free / AdMob Pro / CocoonIO Ads Plugin not worked
    • Used old version of Construct 2 as well as Intel XDK didn't work
    • Used Appodeal didn't work
    • Contacted Google AdMob Help Service not worked!!!

    Everything is done nothing works now my head is blasting! Plus no one is replying me on Scirra! Come on Scirra why I can't see real ads!

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  • AmitGamingKing, ... Any luck with your question? Did you guys learn how to get Admob ads working with Monaca?

  • Hey is not working at the moment. Can you please help us learn how to get admob ads working with

  • Bump.

  • Bump.

  • No! My game is still on Play Store without ads! Now I stopped thinking about it and I'll never make Android games again! #AdMobSucks!

  • Enhance now supports construct2.

    Exporting though cordova, you can access all of the features from Enhance.

    Here is some info on Enhance:

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    Gone are the days of spending hours or even days implementing and updating SDKs. How does a few clicks and a few minutes sound? Well, follow the link for more information on how to get started with Enhance® :

    Good luck!

    Hope this helps.

  • I've been working on a big game for the whole year and this post bothers me a lot..

    What's happening? Are Admob ads really not working at all now on android? What about iOS apps?

    I was planning to show Interstitial ads.

  • admob has been working fine for me with adobe phonegap build FYI

  • I've not had any problems with admob through cocoon io

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