How do I get AdMob Banner's size

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  • Hello!

    I'm trying to add (banner) ads to my project, with AdMob plugin. It works in test mode, but How do I get smart banner's size? I need that for objects to set their position properly ...

  • Any idea? Ashley? cranberrygame?

    It's about Smart Banner size.

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  • Just select smart banner in size option when you put banner like following:


  • Just select smart banner in size option when you put banner like following:


    Hello! Thanks for reply.

    I have selected this, but I want to get it's size (It's on bottom, I have objects in layout where I want to set Y to ViewportBottom - AdBanner Size). As I saw, it's size is different on every device.

    If it would be for example nx90 on all devices, I would just set objects' Y to ViewportBottom - 90 ... But it's not ...

    I hope I wrote understandable enough

  • Bumping this since i whould like to know this as well

  • Still need an answer... If I set size to Banner, the text on it says it is 320x50, on all devices. But it's not. If I set my objects to ViewPortBottom-50, they're OK on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but are not ok on Samsung Galaxy S 5 - here are overlaping with banner.

    What do you think about this, cranberrygame?

  • Here are some screenshots to understand clearer...

    This is with set size to "Banner" and position to: 1: "Bottom Center"; 2: "Bottom Right".

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Android 4.4.2):


    Samsung Galaxy S 5 (Android 5):


    Objects are set to ViewPort Bottom-50. As you can see, it's ok on SGT4, but not on SGS5 (Banner is overlapping objects).


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