Admob Ads not appearing straight away

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  • I've got a small issue with my Admob ads, where the ads won't show up on the first layout until i've gone to another layout, if that makes sense.

    Basically, i've got layouts consisting of Splash Screen, Menu, Game & Game Over.

    On my Splash Screen i have it set to Preload Banner Ads on start of layout.

    On my Menu, i have On preload complete, show banner ad at bottom of screen.

    I've disabled ads on game by hiding ads, but i have set it so both banner and interstitial ads preload.

    On Game Over, it'll show ads on preload complete.

    The ads don't show up on my Menu when i start the game, but if i play the game and get to the game over screen, the ads show up just fine. Then if i go to my Menu, the ads are there where i want it to be.

    So the issue i'm having is that the ads aren't showing up on the Menu when i first start my game.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?


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