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  • How do i make my ad requests in test mode to verify my implementation i linked my app in ad mob and test mode is set to false and no ads are showing up

  • 1. What C2 plugin do you use? Official AdMob, Cordova, Appodeal, Cocoon?

    2. If not Cocoon, which Intel XDK plugin have you added?

    3. Have you set up Interstitial/banner ID?

    4. Is it an Android or iOS game?

  • Not sure what a plugin is. I used crosswalk to android then in intel xdk it said cordova. I did set up an interstitial ad with admob. I published my game on google play store on Sunday. Today I linked the my app to admob. No ads appear... It is an android game.

  • on Intel xdk it say's cordova CLI version 5.1.1. Below that it says whitelist and the W3C widget access is marked, not the cordova whitelist. I think the crosswalk made all the defaults. I'm sorry I am new at all this stuff. This is the first game I made and published on google play store using construct 2. Google play store said it might take some time to get ads for my interstitial. I have not even seen a blank box for the ad appear. it also said to make ad requests in test mode to verify my implementation but doesn't tell me how to test it.

  • Have you set up the ID?

    You have to set Interstitial ID in you AdMob plugin. You get that ID from your AdMob account after setting an ad there.

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  • yes i set up the ID i just now setup my W9 for taxes its now pending maybe thats why ads werent showing up? thx for the feedback and help any suggestions on how to test to see if ads work or not?

  • Hey WeariedCoffee2, does it work now after setting your tax settings?

  • Hey WeariedCoffee2, does it work now after setting your tax settings?

    Actually, that wasnt the problem. i remade the project in intel xdk and checked the cordova plugins box and got the admob plugin in the project. and now ads are working on my game and i have published it to google play store. thanks for the help

  • Alright! Good to know everything is cleared now! Good luck with your game!

    BTW: drop me a link to your game, I'd like to check it out

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