How do I make an Admob ad visible/show up? [SOLVED!]

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  • Hey JLH1964, I tested it again today and this is what happened ("Requests" shows 1, "Impressions" shows 0, and "Clicks" shows 0 as well). I deleted the "Preload Interstitial" command like you said, but the ad still has not shown up;( What does this mean?

  • Hi guannstar

    Have you accidentally used a banner ID as the interstitial ID or vice versa?

    Check the ad ID in C2 for leading or trailing spaces - I've had a banner not show because of an extra space in the ID!

    You should still see test ads even on android v4.0.4. For some reason however, I always see the interstitial test ad, but not the always banner test ad. When it goes live, they both show OK.

    I only preload once at the start of the game layout, and just use show/hide during the game. Works fine.

  • Then it has to be your code. An ad was requested but apparently never displayed.

  • Was this issue ever solved? I believe I am having the same problem without any way to solve it?

  • Hey I was having a similar problem! What dimensions are the layouts in your project?? If you are using a window size that is not compatible with the ad banners, they will not show up. When I was dealing with this problem I alsochanged the name of the 3rd Party Plugin I was having to "Admob Ads". I dont kow if that is important but better to follow Scirra instructions to the dot. I found when I ran a window size(not layout size but window size) of 680, 360 i didn't get any ads AT ALL. It is important to note that I have used the plugin seamlessly before this app I was working on. Anyway after some testing I guessed that maybe the resolution is not supported or the plugin just simply doesn't like other resolutions, even though my app was scaling. So I changed my window size to 1280, 720 or vice versa and the ads worked again =)!!! Check out my Tutorial !!! It will help you get every single step!! ... -crosswalk

  • Please feel free to send me a direct message and I can walk you guys through it also. Other than that post of tutorial so people see possible problems =)

  • Interesting I have it named correctly so I ill try making a test app wth a different resolution

  • ..If you are using a window size that is not compatible with the ad banners, they will not show up.

    The issue is with interstitial ads not showing, not banner ads not showing.

  • I believe that for the same reason interstitials will not show. But I may be wrong. I would just follow the Plugin Manual provided by scirra

    And this tutorial ... -crosswalk

  • Hey guys, I don't know why, but the official Admob plugin is not working on my game. Is there anywhere I can find a full ( from start to finish) Frosty Elk Admob tutorial (or, is the Frosty Elk Admob setup process in C2 and in the Intel XDK, the exact same)?

  • Bump...

  • Hey JLH1964, I finally figured out this whole admob thing! It finally works (everything, both banner ads and interstitial)!!! You were right all along, it was just a problem with my own code (in my code, there were two pieces of code that started with "On start of layout", and I only add the command "Show banner" into one of them.... I did the same thing with the interstitial ads as well). Anyways JLH1964, thanks a lot for all your help bro! Basically guys, if you follow the instructional steps in the first three pages of this post (and, you make should to code in your ads correctly/in the right places), everything should work;) Now, let the adverting begin!

  • Nice! Congrats

  • I'm having the same kind of problems with Admob : nothing shows up. I checked the requests in my admob page and they are 0.

    My simplified code is :

    Start of layout : preload banner ad

    Trigger once : Wait 1.5 second then show banner ad

    not working

    If I understand correctly what has been said in this thread, I should see something if I export with XDK then instal the APK on my device without passing by Google Play Store, right?

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  • Rable is it sad to say I hope we have the same problem? That is also how I understand it but just like you I cannot get ads to show, test mode true or false, whatsoever :/ if you fix your problem PLEASE let me know

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