AdMob Ad Positioning Is Broken?

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  • Hey Construct Community!

    This week I completed a game that I'm eager to get out into the play store. Everything works great on mobile devices, and I've been aiming to publish to Android this week. The only issue I'm running in to right now is that AdMob Ads don't seem to care where I tell them to show up. They're literally showing up dead center, whereas I'm really wanting them to show up along the bottom center of my screen (it's horizontal view).

    Is there a trick or some kind of special parameter that I'm missing? Here's essentially what I'm doing.

    First layout: Preload ad on start of layout

    First playable screen: Re-Load ad, display ad on start of layout.

    I'm sure there's something small that I'm overlooking...

    Ah. So close. Thanks for all and any feedback. If I figure out a solution, I will post it here. I have read over a few other solutions, but so far they haven't worked for me.

    (I'm following this tutorial: ... alk/page-1 by IanKennedy484)

  • OK, quick update on this - I set the ad to 'bottom center' and size to 'full banner' and it seems to be working now (as opposed to smart banner).

    Maybe there are some parameters that have deprecated?

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  • Another update (in case this helps anyone) setting overlap to 'no' seems to place ads dead center as well - no matter what their size.

  • Hey.. I don't know how to fix this:-( because someone else do this for me.... but can i get a link for your app?

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