How do I make an ADMIN PANEL ? *please help!

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  • I am creating 4 educational games for kids (of a growing list of educational games)

    The games themselves will be quite simple to create (take a whack a mole style for one)

    My question is how do i create an ADMIN PANEL for (parents/teachers)

    with the ability to setup the correct questions/answers/subject matter

    prior to game play?

    Essentially the idea is that the teachers will create the games for their individual classes.

    1- The Teacher would choose a whack a mole, fishing game, etc...then

    2- Select which subject

    3- Then input or upload the multiple choice (whichever is a better practice) please help

    Essentially, this is so that they will set up the right/wrong answers for any type of subject (matching/vocabulary/history) etc...

    in a quick 1-2 minute session, using a template of sorts, so that the teacher/parent does not have to generate their own questions/answers.

    Basically a cloud of questions for each subject *that can be updated

    and a cloud of answers (right/wrong)

    The back-end is the complication here... as the games themselves are easy/straightforward.

    The games have like 3 assets.. background, character/s, answers

    The back-end has like 20 variables for now to be super simplified

    As a parent/teacher, I should be able to create a game for my student.

    Select what subject and grade level, and the system does the rest.

    If I want manual control to tweak the questions or answers I have that too.

    if it takes 20 mins to setup its not a winner

    if it takes 1 min we got a winner

    anyhow...MANY THANKS in advance for any & all information someone could help me out with.

    Even just a point into the right direction on approach &/or what to use for setup (tables/arrays/etc...)

    whatever is the best methods for inputs (textbox?/multiple choices) etc...

    again MANY THANKS.

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  • interesting topic, im waiting for tips

  • where exactly is the problem?

  • the problem is the 'how to'

    Im basically looking into a 'best practice' for this type of scenario

    or at least point me in the right direction of how to set up a database that the game can access

    when given user input by the teacher/parent

    many thanks again in advance


  • Off the top of my head this isn't something that is going to be easy to do with Construct. You're talking about persisting the data for a system using some kind of access point. Since Construct is a client side system it really can't do this (at least to be able to post something to a server). There are some hooks into backend systems but you're going to be struggling for the most part to try to cater the tool to match your need when the tool really isn't built for it.

    My suggestion it that teacher/admin interface be a separate web application (written in whatever server side language you want, PHP, .NET, etc.) and an appropriate backend (MySQL, SQL, etc.). The website would host the questions that the teacher/parent create and maybe serve up data via JSON. Construct can read JSON files and turn them into data to use in a game very easily.

    I don't believe this is going to be a 2 minute or even 20 minute solution. Setting up a site wouldn't take much (a couple of days to start) and grow from there to meet whatever needs you had, then you need to write the game to use the data.

    Hope that helps.

  • ...Setting up a site wouldn't take much (a couple of days to start) and grow from there to meet whatever needs you had, then you need to write the game to use the data...Hope that helps.

    bsimser :

    THANK YOU for your thorough reply, its VERY much appreciated.

    You mentioned a couple days set up time for the server query service.


    Is this something you think you could handle?

    And if/so would there be any interest in working on something together?

    **budgeted of course.*** Shoot me some numbers by PM if interested

    about me:

    Im an artist/animator turned game dev only thanks to C2's help

    ( i can PM you some links of some games i've put together)

    but when it comes to things like backend like MSQL, & such, Im quite humbled on how much i have to learn.

    more help welcome!

    Anyone else is also welcome to shoot me some numbers,

    as I have a client that I would be creating the games for,

    and they may be interested in having a 'team' divy up the responsibilities (front end & back end)

    Thanks in advance!

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