Adjusting the local input prediction.

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  • Hi there,

    i've recently started using the Multiplayer plugin to make an RPG, where players move their characters in real-time and the view of the game is top-down. I've followed the multiplayer guide ( ... -time-game ) in every possible aspect and my problem is with the local input prediction being unnatural.

    As i'm aware of it, it has hard and soft adjustment. If the peer's object diviates way too much from the host's, then the local input prediction snaps the object to it's real position on the peer's side, thus adjusting it to the host's data. But if the difference is small the local input prediction adjusts the object's position ever so slightly, halvening the difference every tick. It looks really weird with the soft adjustment and i can't get over it. It is present in the real-time strategy example aswell.

    Where can i adjust the local input prediction to my own needs? Removeing the soft adjustment or editing the algorithm it is using, etc. If it can't be done from construct's interface then where should i look for it in the javascript code of the plugin.

    Also if i should make my own local input prediction module without making a new plugin with javascript. All workarounds are welcome, even if they allow cheating (for example peers sending their co-ordinates instead of inputs), i'd be glad if you shared them with me.

    Thank you for your answers!

    P.S. How can i disable sub-pixel calculations, should i just round the object's position every tick?

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  • Did you find a way of doing this? Thanks!

  • No, and i don't think that there is a solution for your problem, (I suspect your problem is that you'd want to make a real-time game with like moving characters and stuff), unless you make games for lan where the latency is almost negligible. I suggets that if you truly want to spend your time makign a real-time game, read up on the subject and see what you can do about it. (it might include some coding and stuff).

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