How do I adjust the Space Blaster game demo?

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  • I posted a few questions about backgrounds and boss stuff but I think I forgot to mention I'm working with the Space Blaster game demo. I'm building off of that and making it my own with all new enemies, bosses, weapons, music, backgrounds and lots of other things. The problems I have come across so for is making the background stop scrolling. I changed the 4 background sections they have in the game to 5 of my own and I want it to stop scrolling at the last section which will be background 5 at that point is this other problem that I come across. I want to make a boss appear when player gets to that 5th background section and start attacking player. Lastly I need the music that's playing for the level to stop playing and switch to some boss music that I hade made for this demo I'm working on. If I get these things fixed it will make for a very awesome demo so any help working with the Space Blaster game demo would be great, thanks you guys

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