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  • So, I've been playing around making a game based on planets and gravity, in wich you have to collide a bunch of asteroids together to make a bigger one and then throw it on the other planets.

    The thing is, I'm having a hard time trying to tell Construct 2 to add the correct size to the correct asteroid, here is how it should work:

    -When 2 asteroids collide, it compares their sizes;

    -The smaller one is destroyed;

    -The bigger one has the smaller one's size added to him.

    So far it works, but when an smaller astroid hits a bigger one, it is random wich one of them will be destroyed. I've aready tried using a variable for size on every asteroid, and then using it to compare the size, but it didn't work since I can't specify wich asteroid I want it to compare. So the main goal here is doing that.

    Please reply if you find a way to program this : )

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  • Are you using "Pick by Evaluation" and selecting the larger one that way? That seems like it should work.

    If you are just doing a system compare, it doesn't pick.

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