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  • Hello All,

    I read about putting all the object's with additive blend on the same layer for optimization, so I did that. My question is this: Is it better to set each object's blend mode to additive on that one layer, or just set the layer's blend mode to additive? Or is there no optimization gain? This is for a mobile game btw.


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  • It would likely give you an optimization boost to set the layer's blend mode to additive, especially if you have a lot of objects you want to apply the effect to -- simply putting all of your objects with additive blending on a separate layer won't do anything for performance. Just keep in mind that if you do that, the objects on the layer won't blend with each other, so the effect won't be the same when they overlap.

  • Thanks, linkmann2004. I'll try both ways out.

  • linkman2004

    Actually, I don't know if this quite answers the question. Is it more efficient to make all objects on a layer the same blend mode as the layer?

    For example, if I make a layer additive, but all the objects are blend mode 'normal', the objects on the layer 'add' to the layers below, but not to each other.

    However, if I make both the objects AND the layer additive, the objects add to each other, in addition to adding to the background.

    Finally, I can make the layer 'normal' blend, and all the objects 'additive'; in this case, the objects add to each other, but the layer itself is blended normally.

    So, really, it's three different effects. But...which is the most efficient? I'm tempted to think there isn't really much difference, unless the objects themselves have different blend modes from each other.

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