How to make an "additem" function loop

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  • Hey guys, so I have been working on an inventory system, and I have the basics down, except when trying to add an item, I want to use a function that uses these basic commands:

    on function "additem"

    pick "inventory" equal to parameter(pickedinventory)

    and continue only if the parameter(addquant) > 0

    if the parameter(xindex) < pickedinventory.width = parameter(additemid) , 1) < maximum stack size

    - add to inventory slot amount by 1

    - call the "additem" function, this time

    with -1 "addamount"


    -call the "additem" function, this time add 1 to xindex slot


    -call the "additem" function, this time add 1 to xindex slot


    -create a new stack at the inventory.indexof("none")

    I have used this code and it does not work. is there any logic problems with it? The preview keeps crashing every time I try to add and item thats over its maximum stack size.

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  • That "maximum stack" error means that the function calls itself recursively many times.

    Could you post your capx or a screenshot of the events?

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