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  • Hi

    Have a probably simple question regarding arrays, as i started looking at them and how to use them.

    So i read the manual part about it and some tutorials about how to add values to them. But no matter what i do, i cant seem to get anything but 0's out of it. Even when i try other peoples examples of how they did it, when trying to help someone else, there examples still just return 0.

    So maybe someone can explain it for me.

    I made a 1 dim array with 10 width.

    I use:

    for each X element

    • Array | Array set value at Array.CurX to 1
    • Text | Append Array.At(Array.CurValue)

    It returns 0 for all.

    I have also tried using CurX in the append text, but it still returns 0.

    Anyone know what im doing wrong?

  • Try:

    Text | Append str(Array.At(Array.CurValue))

    Because I think you can't append numbers

  • i just tried it, but it stills just return 0 :(

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  • For those that cares.

    The first example i did in the beta release r110, and couldnt get it to work.

    I now downloaded the lastest stable version r108.somthing i think. And now it works.

    So guess there might be a bug in the beta release or something.

  • nimos100

    did you tried beta 110.2, there were some trouble with 110

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