Adding tile info to tilemaps?

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  • I've got a quick question for everyone using tilemaps. It seems that Tilemap is primarily concerned with the rendering aspect of a map. What is everyone doing to encode additional information on a tile by tile basis? Example, let's say you wanted a property called "IsBurning" on any tile position. Eg, Tile ID 1 at position (5, 8) is burning, all other tiles of ID 1 IsBurning is set to false. So each instance of a tile in the map would have a set of properties.

    The only thing I can think is that I'll need to create a separate 2d TileProperties array with each value set as a lookup for the UID of a TileDictionary for all the properties. I could also optionally use string concatenation in order to use a single dictionary, so something like:

    TileDictionary["Tile_" & TileX & "_" & TileY & "_" & PropertyName] = Value

    That would let me avoid having to create an array.


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