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  • I am needing to add a sprite a specific number of pixels away from my character Sprite. For some reason I can't quite figure this out. Any advice is appreciated!!!

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  • Pin the Object to your Character. Then on the X and Y sections set + or - how many pixels you want.


    Hopefully this image will be able to explain what I was trying to say. As you can see below, Every Tick "Sprite 2" will set its position to the position of the "Bush". Now we just want "Sprite 2" to be ahead of the "Bush" so we add +50 to the X value of "Bush". I also want "Sprite 2" to remain on the same level as the "Bush" so I will leave the Y value, as is. Hope this helped.

    More specifically, you can replace EveryTick and use whatever event you want. OnTouch for example, you could SpawnNewObject.

  • Oh, I meant that the sprite is added a specific distance away and then dropped there. It shouldn't follow my character. Sorry for the confusion.

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