Adding Speech to Characters

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  • I have searched for how to add speech to a character but couldn't find anything related. Would it be the same as adding sound effects, like when a player jumps he grunts? I'd like to add short phrases they say during certain events.

    Is it possible?

    Would it be too demanding on memory?

    If someone could point me to a post or tutorial it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yes, making your character speak is just like adding any other sound. It isn't too demanding, nor is it difficult to set up. All you have to do is, set up the event that plays the sound. I assume you already saw some tutorials for adding sound but if not, read through this: ... ners-guide

    If you are trying to animate the character so it looks like they are speaking, you simply need to trigger the speech animation when you trigger the sound. I haven't tried it yet but, I think it looks pretty difficult to get a lip sync effect so, you may just want to keep the animation generic. Just a suggestion.

  • Thank you. I was thinking it would work the same but didn't know if it would be e too taxing on memory.

    Thanks again

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