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  • I'm a total noob. I've been trying to add music that I made to a game for a while now, and I've not yet been successful. What is the most popular way of doing this? I've been trying to use the XAudio2 object to "autoplay resource" at the start of the layout. I have an mp3 and a wav version of the same song in the music folder under Project, but neither of them shows up as available when I try to add them to the event. Am I doing something wrong? Is this not the correct way of going about accomplishing something like this at all? Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

  • Add an Audio object on the right bar/project properties. Then use the Audio actions such as Play Sound on the event sheet.

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  • Oops! I just realized that this is the Construct 2 forum! I meant to post in the Construct Classic forum .Now that I looked, I'm not sure there IS such a thing... I don't believe that Construct Classic has an Audio object... :(

  • I don't know for sure but I'm going to say Classic doesn't have it because a search for audio returns no results in the Classic forum.

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