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  • Hello. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but how do I add a game to my website? I use yahoo sitebuilder. I've added flash games in the past and added other games, but I can't figure out how to do it with this program. I just downloaded the free trial last night and tried it and it seems pretty easy and makes nice games. I want to buy it but if I can't figure out how to add a game to my site, it will be useless to me.

    I started reading this tutorial: but I have no idea what it has to do with uploading a game to a website. (no offense meant to the author of the tutorial).

    Also, what do I have to do to make sure these are set?

    .appcache files: text/cache-manifest

    .ogg files: audio/ogg

    .m4a files: audio/mp4

    Sorry if I sound like a newbie, I'm really not. I'm just new to this particular program and have never had to mess with appcache files, ogg, and m4a before.


  • Uploading your game on website, you need to have some basic knowledge about FTP and Hosting account, also MIME like .appcache, .ogg, .m4a you can make a .htaccess file on directory where you upload game on folder.

    You can upload your games on dropbox for free.

  • How hard can it be to learn? But where do I learn? It's too bad we can't export the file as a flash file. Those are easy to add to a website using sitebuilder.

  • Bumping this due to interest; a concise explanation of the processes involved, maybe even a dedicated tutorial on the file layout/coding would be greatly appreciated; and I imagine a lot easier than a request for a built in convert to embeddable feature.

  • Best idea I know is too upload it to Dropbox, then link it. I have, in the past though, uploaded it to my site, but it caused some weird problem on the page glitching out the Menu bar and I was never able to fix it. Oh well. :\ Shouldn't you just upload your files using cPanel or whatever, then just do an iFrame holding the games content? That's how I place my games on :)

  • I just export from c2 then make a new folder on my webhost and upload the exported files to that folder with filezilla. done and done.

  • If you upload to dropbox and then link it to your website, can you make a facebook app that way? Or does the game have to actually be on your site? Thats the reason I want to add it to my site, so I can make a facebook app.

    As I said, Ive used yahoo for webhosting before. I was able to upload flash files, video files, etc., but I am new to construct2 so I'm not sure how to go about it.

    Also, is there a tutorial on how to upload to dropbox? Sorry for sounding like an idiot, I'm really not. lol

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  • Yeah I'm sure I've seen a dropbox upload tutorial. Try the search box in the top corner ^^

  • Upload your game to DropBox

    You can also check Tom's How to make a facebook game tutorial.

    Depending on your website you could be uploading to Scirra Arcade and using the "Embed" code. The game would be hosted and linked to the arcade and you'd simply have an iframe in your webpage.

    The tutorial about the customization of the index.html page does only what its title says, it demonstrate how to change the visual look of the index.html file on a "regular" exported project (in HTML5 format).

    On your website you could make a link to that index.html file (hosted on FTP as explained earlier)

    This tutorial sums up the different possibilities of publishing that you have.

  • I figured out what I was doing wrong. I haven't used sitebuilder for over a year and realized that, duh, I was adding the html file right to a page, then when I opened it I was just seeing the code and not the game. I realized an hour ago that I have to link to the html file on my own site using an iframe......which I already knew, just forgot. lol

    Thanks for the replies.

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