Adding different gameplay feature for Autorunner?

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  • I had an idea for my Autorunner game which i'm struggling to implement, so i hope someone can help me out.

    I have my Autorunner game, which is pretty basic where you jump from platform to platform and see how far you can get. I wanted to add to the gameplay by including platforms that have obstacles that you need to jump over, and you get extra points for jumping over these obstacles, I want it so that those platforms can appear at any time.

    Just to give an idea of what i'm after, you're playing the game as a normal Autorunner, jumping from platform to platform and every so often you'll end up on a platform where you have to jump over obstacles to get past (These platforms are longer than the usual ones but can vary as to how long they end up) and then return to jumping from platform to platform and so on.

    I've found a capx on the forums that more or less has what i'm looking for with regards to having a platform with obstacles to jump over, which i've posted (Credit goes to the member who posted it, i apologise but i can't find their username even after searching for it again)

    I'm basically looking to apply this game into the Autorunner game. I would appriciate it if i could get help on how to do this. Any examples using the Autorunner Template would be helpful.

    I've edited this capx as it was in Polish, and i also tweaked the gameplay a bit and changed the sprites so that they match the Autorunner Template.

    Thanks for taking the time out to read this, hope i've made clear what i'm after.

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  • Here's an example capx. I'm creating an obstacle in the middle of every platform that is longer than 350 px with a random height between 32 and 128 px. You can change those parameters.


  • Thanks, that works quite well but i have a few issues.

    It works fine on the Autorunner template, but when i try to implement this to my Autorunner game i get problems where some of the blocks disappear when i'm near them, while others stay. This may be because I tweaked the platform coding from the Autorunner template, i'm not sure. I've posted a picture from my game where i've inserted what you've done so you can see if there are any issues.

    I also get issues where some of the blocks are extremely high that they go off screen. I've tried changing it from (1 + random(3)) to (0.5 + random(3)) but the blocks are still too high. I think this just requires tweaking, so i'll have a go on that a bit more.

    Also is there a way to make these occur a bit more frequently?

  • Share the capx, if you don't mind, so I can check it. Are you using a box exactly like mine? I mean, is it a 32px x 32px tiled background?

    Regarding the frequency, you can control it independent of the platform width. I used it to make a fast example. But you may trigger obstacle creation any way you want.

  • Yes I am using the same box I copied and pasted it, I just painted it a different colour so it's more clear to see. My capx file is over 2mb so I can't post it here. I could maybe email it to you if that's OK.

  • Sure.

  • Thanks. I've sent my capx to your email address.

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