Adding Resources in Visual Studio 2012

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to add resources in Visual Studio for my Windows 8 game, but I can't figure out how to do it.

    The stuff I googled up say I need to rightclick on the project in the solution explorer, go to properties and select the resources tab, but I don't get such a tab.

    I've also tried including the 3 required clayio files in the project, but I get errors indicating that I haven't added them as resources.

    Any hints for a VS2012 nub? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • For anyone who comes across this in the future, here are the steps to get the game from C2 -> Windows 8 (steps 3 & 4 might not be necessary for you):

    1) Export to Windows 8

    2) Open the sln file in VS 2012

    3) Add the Windows Library for Javascript 1.0 reference (C2 was trying to use it RC version for me)

    3a) Remove the .RC from the WinJS references in index.html

    4) Add windows app store publisher name to the <identity> tag in package.appxmanifest (should be something like CN=YourName)

    5) Download,,

    6) Shift + Alt + A to add existing scripts, select the 3 you just downloaded

    7) Include in index.html the following (inside <head></head> works, just needs to be before c2runtime.js):

    <link rel='stylesheet' href='api.css' />

    <script src=''></script>

    <script src='api.js'></script>

  • austin Can you tell me what you mean by this?

    1) Export to Windows 8 (with windows 8 as the export mode in the plugin properties)

    I can only see these options with no mention of Windows 8 in the drop downs:

    API Key

    Debug mode

    Use styles

    Use loader


  • kenhes - what was in parenthesis is no longer a required step. I've updated the post to clarify that

  • Great. Thanks.

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  • Hi I'm getting an error here. Can you help?

    Api.js error

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