How do I add various advanced sounds to a target

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  • I'm trying to figure how add various sounds to a target/object , one looping and other "one time" each X seconds with multiple instances around the layout.

    I have an enemy and i want this enemy have:

    Looping sound for footsteps

    Every Random(1,3) seconds Choose(1,2,3,4,5,6) for different roar SFX.

    Also i want to customize the fade-out sound when the player is far the object but is always the same reduction. The unique way is create another event using an expresion like "0-(distance(hero.X,hero.y,spritetest.X,spritetest.y)/50)".

    But having lots of sounds that reproduces one time and others looping for the same target/object what have multiple instances around the layout is a nightmare, i have no idea how organize to keep all clean and simple.

    Somebody did this before? Any template or idea how manage to do this? :S

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