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  • Hello all, i have one question...

    How to add touch to my game to be playable on mobile, when i go to my game site from mobile it load game, but when i touch Start button nothing happening, this game is Arcade "Capture the Flag" and it have one menu when click START you need to add tank type and to chose map and strategy.. And when click again START (to play game) I need two types of touch controls : 1st to move tank body , and 2nd to rotate turret and to fire... I tried all but i don't know how to add this.. Please help me i can post .capx file here

  • This is weird, when you add the touch behavior to your project it automatically recognizes touches. If you upload a screenshot of the event sheet that handles touch controls i might be able to see the problem.

    Also if you want multi-touch one trick is to use the Nth touch events associated with the touch behavior

    Touch 0 = the first finger touching the screen

    touch 1 = two fingers touching the screen.

    Hope that helps a little

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  • I looked now and all working <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /> only need to add to move and shot, turret rottating when draging with finger on screen, only need to add to to move and to shoot

    here is video of game on mobile, you look i need to rotate and fire turret and to move tank

  • Ok good glad you figured it out.

  • How to add controls to move tank and to fire, I don't know where to add Sprites for moving and fire

    And when I click on Add Event i don't see anything about Touch..

    Please help mee <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /> I really need help i don't know where to put Sprites and other, i can post .CAPX file of my game here Kyatric or any one.. (.CAPX File) Please don't clone it

  • Hello all, I stuck in my project... I need two types of touch sprites

    1. To control tank body in all ways

    2. To rotate tank turret and fire

    • I tried to add sprite to Global Layers in my project and add instance in Global Event but nothing happened it not showing.. I tryed all and looked tons of videos but nothing.. Please help mee

      Kyatric (.CAPX File) Please don't clone it...

  • Thanks I look on it

    EDIT: I can't find what I need but thanks anyway i posted CAPX file, if anyone have time and want to help mee,

    I need this

  • Examples exist in the How do I FAQ, at the section "Touch" :

    [quote:24scf0jm]ThumbStick example (mouse and touch) - LINK

    Another thumbstick/analog pad example - LINK

  • Kyatric I founded one you example there ,,ThumbStick_Example-Revision-8Dir-touch_only.capx,, and i tryed tonight and added to Global Event, and i don't know where to add sprite.. I tryed to add it to Global Layer(where is my HUDS, TANKS, ALL SPRITES) but it don't show in game...

  • It should. Check that the sprite is on the correct layer, that the sprite is set to be visible and not to be destroyed in events, that the layer exists in the game layout, and all that sort of things.

    As you said, you see the example is what you are looking for, you are struggling with the implementation, look for what you are missing.

    Or again, try to implement it to work in a simpler project, once you master it, implement it in your project and see where is the difference between the projects.

  • Where i my problem ??? add in these 3 layers sprite for touch but i can't use it it's only stay there i can't controll my tank...

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