How do I add things without updating?

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  • So I was thinking of making a iOS app, but before purchasing everything I'm making a plan.

    I want to create a app that shows a list of upcoming eSport matches on CS:GO. Is it possible to modify this list on the app without the need of updating the app continuisly? Like having the list remote-controlled or something.

  • Well. yeah, you need to make the app request data from an external source. I'm sure there is a lot of information out there to do this.

  • I don't have any experience in this area but the link below should get you started.


  • Tekniko Ok so I was trying to figure out what Ajax is, basically.

    So I made a text object, then I did:

    On start of layout -> Request ""

    On completed -> Set text to AJAX.LastData

    It doesn't give anything.. :/

  • The only thing that happens is first the text object says "Text" (which is what I first wanted it to be) then it just goes blank after barely a second

  • It seems like it instantly fails. I suspect the cross-domain problem. I don't understand how I send a HTTP header? Is it via construct 2 or is it via the website?

  • I am pretty sure the problem is with cross domains being blocked. Maybe someone else can chime in on this.

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  • Yeah, what I need help with is how I send HTTP headers! I know I'm supposed to send Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * but I don't realize how I would do that. Or even if it's from my website or from construct!

  • Check out the "How do I FAQ" at the section "AJAX", it should have all the informations you need, and examples of use.

    You can also use this keyword while searching for tutorials, IIRC there have already been a few tutorials on the subject as well.

  • Kyatric I Already got the AJAX how-to solved, but what I'm struggling with is how I create a cross-domain policy for AJAX :/ I'll make a new thread for this, so you can lock this one!

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