add sound for walk or running foot step

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  • Need help here..

    How I can add audio to my player when player was walk or running.

    I have done this before, but it's not look to good.

    I think it was 100% error or fail.

    I just put the sound when key press left or right.

    It's works fine but when Player jump and I still press left or right the foot step sound still played.

    And when I use collision. When Player collision with Ground or Floor, foot step will played. This works but the foot step sound will LOOP and can't stop.

    I'm new in Construct 2. Of Course to many thing I didn't know.

    Hope someone will help with this AUDIO PROBLEM.


  • Use compare animation frame and select the frame where his foot hits the ground, then play the sound on that animation frame.

  • how?

    where's the even compare animation ??

  • <img src="" border="0" />

  • I found it.

    But how to set it to frame animation RUN?

    In my animation RUN the frame 3 is touch the ground.

    Do I need IMAGE POINT to set that sound?

  • Um...Do compare animation and compare frame, otherwise it will compare any frame of any animation.

    If you're asking how to set an animation, for a platformer if, just do something like this "is platforming left, set animation to running"

    Or you can just do "is left key being held" or something. Use mirror and not mirror to flip the animation over.

  • Are you using the platform behavior?

    If So:

    --Key is Down


    --Platform is on floor

    ------------------------------------Play sound

  • Do you have a sample for this tutorial?

    I'm sorry cause in new here

  • Well first question, is your character using the Platform Behavior?

  • yes, my player have

    Idle , Run, & Jump

  • No, I mean the actual behavior. Like you created the character, clicked on behaviors and added the Platform Behavior?

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • I set my "player" as "Platform" and I set "Player_sprite" (with animation inside) to another object to "Player" object.

  • I set my "player" as "Platform" and I set "Player_sprite" (with animation inside) to another object to "Player" object.

    here's the link my capx file.

  • <img src="" border="0">

    Wasn't sure what version your project is in, but here is a saved capx.

    Your CAPX

    Notice those events on the bottom at INVERTED events, so it's saying NOT on a platform or NOT moving kill the sound.

  • and 29041982, thanks for the post and files. So I recreated the event sheet, and it was working, but after I started making more layouts, I noticed the sound effect took longer to load, and when it did play, it stop playing on key press. Any thoughts?

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