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  • So basically I want the game to take a screenshot of the gameover screen and when you press the share button something like this happens(photo)

  • There are a lot of ideas, to how to share, to how to do something..

    Try to see this:

    and this:

    Maybe you solve your "problem"! : -)


  • odiusfly, thank you but this is not quite what I needed, I needed one button that could share across all aps(twitter, fb , whatsapp, instagram, etc.). But thank you anyways.

  • Look, to do this, you can make something by yourself.. I don't think, to there is some automatic "share box window", plugin whatever.

    My opinion:

    Inside construct, create first your button, for example: "sharebox", somewhere in corner, center, any position you want.

    Then create a "box window" (design it before) with all graphics+buttons, and put this at center for example..

    Now, create your code for any buttons separately and when you press the "sharebox" button, the "box window" will open with all share buttons together, to press any button you want.

    I think this is the conceivable way.

    Cheers.. : -)

  • The screenshot is from an android game somewhere on store? Maybe this "share box" is automatically inside the engine which use this game.

    Maybe there is a plugin in construct 2, maybe not! : -)

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  • roteam

    use cranberry share plugin

    and the action app share

    that's all

  • As a newbie I will use CocoonShare. The learning continues...

  • FYI, I got my plugin to work and put the app on google play!

  • SiddiqTech

    Hi can you tell me how you add " Share Button" in your C3 project... Please show me screenshot or write for me the lines

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