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    That is my working capx file and I have been trying for about a week or two to add a second level. I can not for the life of me figure it out. As well I can not figure out how to add a new alien and get them to move with the cluster since I can't edit families in the free version.

  • I have a global variable called "StageSelect" that start on 1. I personally prefer to use a new leyout for every new level and name them ex. "Stage1", "Stage2" etc. When the player finish stage, add 1 to "StageSelect" and add the event: [Go to layout: "Stage"&StageSelect]

  • I have the free version, I have a layout limit.

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  • I have the free version, I have a layout limit.

    No, there is no layout cap, it is a cap on the layers you use in each layout which is set to 4.

  • Wouldn't that just change the image? I would still have to add effects to it. I should have clarified it is a space invader style game not a platform.

  • Each layout need to be connected to at least one event sheet. I have 1 event sheet called "Game engine" that all stage layouts use. Every stage lauyout also have its own event sheet with stuff that only belongs to that specific level.

  • Confusing.

  • A layout represents a level, so just make a new layout and use a 'go to layout' action to go to the next level. There are unlimited layouts in the free edition!

    A layer is like a sheet of objects in a layout, and these are limited to 4 in the free edition.

  • No Sheep, it's not.

    Imagine you have a standard event sheet, which contains collisions, enemies control (create/destroy/etc) and spaceship control.

    For every layout (stage), you'll need to include this standard event sheet on the layout's event sheet.

    Every layout MUST have at least 1 event sheet that will control spawning on stage. That's what zapmore is saying =D

  • I understand the functions of what they do and their purpose but I do not understand implementing them into the right areas.

  • How can I use more than 1 Event Sheet into a single Layout?

  • Right click in the layout's event sheet -> include event sheet. You can chain together multiple event sheets in this way. Eg: Level -> game mechanics -> global variables, or score screen -> global variables

    Easily my favourite feature in Construct 2.

  • I'm new to C2 and game development so apologies if this is a dumb question...

    Why would you want to chain Event Sheets together? Is it just so it's easier to navigate or is there a limit to what you can add on a single event sheet? Surely having one event sheet per layout is more straightforward?

  • Imagine you have a platform game with many enemies that have their own movement and attack styles. You'd have to copy / paste the enemies' code into each event sheet for each level. After creating 10 levels, what if a bug arises with an enemy? Or you want to add another enemy? You'd have to go through all 10 event sheets.

    By having all the enemies in 1 event sheet that you "include" in each level's event sheet, you only have to change or add things in one place and it carries across to all event sheets that include it.

    Plus it's easier to read.

  • FeatherFace - There's a fundamental guideline in all programming that you should never unnecessarily duplicate code. Rather, you write it once, and then call that same code every time you need to perform the particular function it does.

    So, if you've coded some event logic that describes how a particular enemy behaves (on an event sheet), and that enemy appears on more than one level (layout), you shouldn't rewrite the behaviour logic on seperate event sheets for each layout. Instead, you write it in one event sheet and include that same event sheet on every layout.

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