How do I add scroll down effect?

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  • Hi,

    I'm developing a mobile game, in which I require to scroll all the objects down (Or simply give an effect of scrolling the screen up). Here is the scenario, the player jumps and lands on an upper platform, as soon as he lands on it the screen should scroll up to his position. This should happen every time he jumps onto a higher platform.

    Please help.

  • Should be something like:

    player on landed

    platform pick nearest to player.y

    system scrollto platform.y

  • LittleStain Okay, it's mistake for not giving complete details. Here is the complete scenario,

    The game is about climbing up to a top platform. Player has to climb up by jumping all the top platforms. As he climbs up to a platform, screen should scroll up and create another platform above the player at random position. This game is a platformer game but the player will move only vertically not horizontally.

    Screen (360, 640)

    I tried what you suggested but it isn't working.

    I hope you understood my problem.

  • ok..

    Don't understand why my suggestion won't work, but maybe replacing the player on landed with player is on floor would work..

    If not please share your capx or events, cause guessing won't really help anyone..

  • LittleStain I just copied few events from InfiniteJumping-Temple but still it isn't working I don't understand why.

    Here is the capx, please check

    And could please explain what is ViewportTop in the event?

  • Ok first off all unbounded scrollig is set to no, so it will never scroll further than the layout-dimensions..

    That's actually the reason no scrolling occurs at all at the moment..

    Either increase the layout, set unbounded scrolling to yes, or scroll the trees over the layout instead of the other way around..

    Secondly, if you have an event that scrolls every tick, like in this example, you probably should remove that if you want to change the scrolling..

    the platform on landed event works perfectly if you remove that every tick event..

  • unbounded scrolling? where to find that. I didn't even know there is such an option. LittleStain

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  • Found it, thanks alot. You are awesome.

    Also thanks for the suggestion.

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