How do i add replay gameplay video from game with kamcord?

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    did not find plugin

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  • Sorry about surrecting an old thread here, but MoRLOK is right.. there's no plugin made for construct2, which is kind of surprising since kamcord has dropped in to these forums earlier marketing their solution in an everyplay thread. At the moment Construct2 developers have far easier integration of everyplay in their games, which is the reason why no one is bothering to create a plugin for kamcord I guess.

    Interesting though, since kamcord has raised hundreds of millions already - you would think with that kind of money they would make sure that their framework would be as easy if not easier to integrate in existing games as their competing solutions. I quickly was checking their SDK and it seems it would not be that huge of a deal to make plugin of - the only problems might appear due some differences of iOS and Android implementations... unfortunately, I'm now really busy with game engine related coding and have no time to dedicate into creation of kamcord plugin. I would prefer implementing it on my game as well though, but it's just not so high on the priority list. Perhaps someone from C2 community wants to grab this, since there are lots of benefits on kamcord compared to everyplay (everyplay had some problems for example with video adverts' rendering in case it has been integrated to the game etc., I'm not sure if they have finally cleared those problems)

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