How do I add "rate & review" and ads for my WP8.1 game?

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  • Hello everyone, I exported my game to a Windows Universal App now i have 2 questions:

    1. How is it possibile to add a button to RETE AND REVIEW my game on Windows Phone 8.1? Is it possibile to make it directly with C2?

    2. Does anyone solved the problem to add ads (like pubCenter or other) in a WP 8.1 app written with HTML/JS ?

    Any advice will be appreciated, this is the first game I've ever made. Thank you

  • Try search plugins section, maybe you find something.

  • all plugin about construct 2 and Windows Phone are related to WP8...I need something for Windows Phone 8.1.

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  • Plugins for wp8 don't work with wp8.1? I thought they work.

  • Hey Valereds

    The inablity to add Ads to HTML5 WinPhone projects has halted my game dev too! This is my first app and I was trying to built a universal Windows App hoping I will be able to add Ads on both Win8.1 platforms.

    I am totally lost now. All this while I thought MS Advertising SDK had the option to add Ads to any type of project

    But it only supports C#/XAML on phone projects

    Did you find any alternatives? Do we have to depend on Win Phone 8 apps to generate Ads revenue and make a separate Windows 8.1 app? Need some advise from you guys.

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