How do I add objects on google maps

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  • Hello,

    I try to create a strategy game, you are an emergency services phone operator and your job is to send vehicles to emergencies popping on the map.

    I've used a google map plugin to show the map but I can't add any objects on it.

    I have tried to get around this problem by using google map markers to make fire station and emergencies appear on the map, but I have no idea of how I can show vehicle moving on the map.

    Any ideas are welcome!

  • Layers ?

    such as put the map on the lowest layer and then put game on the layer above?

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  • Are you using rex google map plugin? If I'm not mistaken I believe that he has mentioned that it is not possible to place any sprites above the google map. Even if you have the map on the lowest layer and sprites on layers on top, they'll end up under the map anyway. Has something to do with the API.

    So I think that you'll have to find a workaround for it like using snapshot or something.

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