How to add object to project but not layout

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  • Is there any way to add an object (a sprite with instance variables) without adding it to the layout ?

    Let's say I want to add items to my game, do I really have to put every item I want to use on the layout ?

    I'm creating a castlevania like, and my scene is a mess right now because I have 50+ unique items on my layout, and 50 different spells associated to the items. One of them is a homing missile that is spawned when I use the associated key, but since the missile is already on the layout, when you start the game the missile is already there and starts homing on a target before pressing any key.

    I know I could do things differently, but adding objects to the layout just seems like a disorganized way of doing things

  • Just create an unused layout at the end of your project, and dump some objects there.

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  • Ok so there is no workaround to organize things without dumping everything in an unused layer ?

    Well thank you for such a quick answer.

    It's just a suggestion, but since you already have the project bar with the default instance of every object, why not use it, instead of having to dump everything in the layout ?

    Anyway, thanks for such a great product, and for listening to the community.

  • Hey Kais, what you can do is use the "On Start of layout" condition to destroy any objects that you dont want on the screen (or in the background).

    Put all of the objects you want destroyed into a family and then use

    On start of layout -> family - destroy.

    If the objects are taking up too much space you can increase your margins to give you more working area and you can even select the objects from the project list on the right hand side (the projects and objects panel) instead of selecting the object on the layout.

  • Thank you very much for the advice.

    Truth is I'm already using some type of workaround like that, it's just that I'm kind of OCD when it comes to organizing stuff ^^, and having everything in the margins makes it kind of a mess (even if you can select objects from the project bar).

    I guess I should go see a shrink, ahah

    Anyway thank you again for such a quick and helpful answer

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