how do i add new levels?!?!?!?!?!

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  • I know this is probably a stupid question right.. but ive looked on so many forum pages and ive done Everything that people have said you need to do to switch layouts in game. but nothing seems to work. im obviously missing something

    so please can someone tell me how to make my C2 game go to the next layout when my character reaches the end of the level?

  • You just create an event when you reach the end of your level. For example when player overlaps a end of level invisible sprite. Then in the action system Go to NextLevelLayout

  • right.

    ive done what you said but still nothin :/

    ive even started a new dummy project to try to get it to work but no luck.

    what ive done is..

    Player - is overlapping End > system - go to "Level2"

    Is there something else im supposed to be doing?

  • Please post your .capx

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  • do you mean the file name?

    its "randum.capx"

    thats my dummy one...

  • The "System -> Go to layout" action should work.

    I've just tried this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Maybe there's something wrong with your event's condition.

  • thats doesnt work for me either..

    when i go on Go To Layout and click on the drop box it only gives me the option to choose my first layout.. so i have to do the Go To Layout (by name) one..has that got something to do with it?

  • YEAH!!! it came up in the drop box randomly! all is well finally lol.

    thanks to everyone

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