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  • I just started with Construct 2 days ago and perhaps this is something obvious, but I have to add long text that has multiple paragraphs into the game. The Text object does not seem to allow me to add breaks between paragraphs. Am I missing something?

  • You can create a line break by using the "newline" expression, if I understand well your issue.

    Like "Hello" & newline & "world"

    It works when setting the text value from the event sheet.

    I didn't manage to make a new line just by typing that in the initial value field.

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  • hmm I inserted the text object and under properties, text, I added your line and it did not work. I tried adding the text under event sheet but no clue how to... Is there a way you can set it up as event?

  • ok ...

    Consider a text object "MyText" ... is default text property can only contain standard text such as "Hello!" to display :


    Now in your "Project" events layout you can do :

    On Start of layout | MyText : set Text to "Hello!" & newline & "world"

    to display now :



    You can do this to have the same result because "Hello!" is the default text :

    On Start of layout | MyText : Append newline & "world"

    Don't forget that for display several lines in a text object, this object must have a big height too, and the size change is not automatic !

  • there is a way to load in large chuncks of text with an .txt file


  • Thank you, this method is awesome!

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