How do I Add A Local variable?

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  • Pretty self explanatory

  • Have you read the manual entry on this?

  • Oh thanks.

  • I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or genuinely grateful, and since my advice was hardly insightful I suspect it's the former... I'm more than happy to help you understand what's in the manual - what don't you understand?

  • Sorry if I sounded sarcastic or condescending. Actually I reread the manual several times before you answered and figured it out myself but I didn't know what to say to you reply. Sorry again Colludium

  • HZGaming, your apology is accepted - thank you for that, it's really appreciated. I challenged your first question because there have been a lot more forum questions recently which seem to indicate that the manual is becoming the second port if call if a hurdle is encountered. Of course IMO, forum questions should be to find clarification of what is contained within or omitted from the manual. Although it's not a perfect source document, and I've not been here as long as many others, it's always a pleasure to offer an alternative view on how to do things - but it's not satisfying when one feels like a manual index service. So - not intended to be a rant at you but hopefully an explanation as to why I bothered to challenge you instead of just ignoring the thread.

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  • Thank you for that Colludium Anyways I do appreciate you attempt to help me

  • it's not satisfying when one feels like a manual index service.

    This question is not as lazy as it sounds. And simply reading the manual doesn't fully explain it without seeing it first-hand.

    The concept of needing to be nested in an Event doesn't exactly stand out, esp to new users. Since you right-click on Events and the only option is for global variables, you don't even see 'Add Local Variable' grayed out or anything. Not until you right-click on a nested Event do you see the option for adding a local variable. The manual suggests that you see the option to add a local or global whenever you right-click. I think it's a UI flaw as you should probably see 'Add Local Variable' wherever you see global, but grayed it out where it's in violation.

    I remember this one stumping me a bit. It was not that straight forward, and hopefully this thread helps someone in the future.

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